Archaeological Museum

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Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο ΛαμίαςΤThe Archaeological Museum of Lamia housed in an impressive building era of Otto, which served as barracks situated on the hilltop castle of Lamia. The museum's collections include archaeological finds from excavations in Fthiotida and Evritania. Characteristic findings contained in twelve thematic sections, which cover the entire prehistoric and historic period to Roman times. The findings give an insight into the history of the area, which includes parts of ancient Phokida, East Lokrida, Dorida, of Achaia, Fthiotida and Malidas (range Maliako vagina).

All modules have significant exhibits characteristics of human cultural behavior in each time period. Further thematic classification of exhibits, with references to clothing, arms, worship, burial customs specific periods augment the purpose of the museum, which is primarily the promotion of our cultural heritage and understanding by the general public of how human behavior and action in each period, through objects of everyday life and art.

The prehistory of the region presented through handmade pottery, clay figurines, stone tools, jewelery and seals, of which extracted on the daily lives of people and their artistic skills. Components traditional costumes, armor (helmet boar's tusk), jewelry, pottery and tools prsferoun information about lifestyle in the Mycenaean era and welfare of people, and some of the findings are examples of excellent craftsmanship.

Interestingly the offerings tombs Sub-Mycenaean and Geometric period, where through representations tombs are given a picture of burial and funerary customs, while the archaic period represented by architectural and tributes, found in the temple of Artemis at Kalapodi Lokridas.

Continuing our tour of the museum, impressive are excellent examples of pottery classical and Hellenistic period ("Megarian bowls' Attic red and vases from Boeotia and Corinth, glass vases) and great works figurines, derived from molds. Finally, the visitor discovers various sculptures exaiteris art (statues and funerary monuments) and coins of the cities of Fthiotida.

The Archaeological Museum of Lamia falls in the 14th Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, the staff of which is open daily except Mondays and Sundays winter season (entrance by ticket). In modern lecture hall, working on the ground floor of the building, meetings of all disciplines and scientific lectures. Finally, the museum made ​​tours schools, scientists, officials, etc.

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